Posted by: mani7able | February 22, 2012

Day-8 abuse

Module Name: abuse

Description: This module allows users to flag nodes and comments as offensive for the adminstrator to review.


There are 3 permissions – administer abuse reports, flag content, and direct flag content. Administer abuse reports allows a user to see which nodes have been flagged and allows them to either remove from the site or allow back into the system. Flag content allows a user to flag content. Direct flag allows a user to flag a content and set the content as ‘hidden’. In essence, it is a person who has been trusted to flag genuinely bad content to be removed without requiring multiple users to flag the content before the system hides it.

Content Status:
The abuse system holds 4 primary status: Allow, Pending, Hidden, and Remove. Items that were flagged into the system but allowed back are given an allow status (the module allows to keep a log on items that had been entered). Pending items are items that were flagged and require reviewing (and are still viewable on the site). Hidden items are items that were flagged multiple times and as such are hidden from other users until a user with administer abuse reports permissions checks it out. And removed items are items reviewed by a user with administer abuse reports and deemed it necessary to remove from the site.

About flagging a node:
Users must provide a reason why the content was flagged. Moreover, they must provide their name and email address (if they are anonymous; registered users have this logged) so the administrator/moderator would have an idea on who wrote it.

The abuse section has the 3 primary sections (Pending, Hidden, Removed) available as tabs to browse between the different sections. An email is sent to the administrator to notify them who flagged what. The flagged nodes are also queued for the administrator to review. They can edit, delete or unflag the node.

Shortlist of features

  • Check types of nodes to apply flagging to
  • Flag comments
  • Require user to give reason for flagging content (extensible via abuse admin configuration)
  • Warn users on content by sending email
  • Ban users
  • Automatically flag content

Included is a watchlist module which (if enabled) will automatically flag a node or comment if it contains any questionable content (these can be set in the watchlist settings by adding regular expressions of words that are considered bad).

This module is currently being used at:




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